Greitas pramoninių grindų remontas

Unikali AcryliCon medžiagų formulė leidžia atlikt pramoninių grindų remontą ypatingai greitai iki minimumo sumažinant jūsų kasdienės veiklos trigdžius.

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Greitą kietėjimą

We understand that time is money, which is why you’ll be able to get back to work within 2 hours of installation.

Ilgą tarnavimą

Some of our original projects dating back 30 years are still available to view – they are in perfect working order and a pristine condition.

Higieną & Aplinkosaugą

Unlike traditional resin flooring, with Acrylicon, you will receive solutions that are all solvent free, low VOC and non-toxic once cured.

Ilgaamžiškumą & Tvirtumą

The UK’s strongest resin floor. A resin floor installed by us will require little to no maintenance.

Užtikrintą kokybę

Our various industry accreditations and certifications demonstrate the quality and reliability of all Acrylicon products.

Aukštą patikimumą

If you choose one of our floors, you will receive a 10 year performance warranty, as well as an annual heath check carried out by one of our experts.


Bespoke Floor Repairs

Rather than replacing a whole floor, Acrylicon Resins are a cost-effective way to repair your existing resin floor to a standard that will satisfy hygiene regulations.

No matter how small or large your resin flooring repair requirements might be, Acrylicon can carry out rapid resin flooring repair work, which provides an effective solution to damaged flooring and, due to our cure time of under 90 minutes, you can use your floor almost immediately after the repairs have been completed.

We provide quality, efficient and professional rapid resin repairs to any commercial and industrial setting. Our team of rapid resin repair specialists have carried out hundreds of drain repairs, cove repairs, floor patches and slip-resistant coatings across many industries. Unlike most companies, we offer to work through the night and/or weekends, which means there is little or no disruption to your business.

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Kitchen & Food Service

Acrylic Resin Flooring For Shangri-La At The Shard

In 2017, we installed a complete acrylic resin flooring in the kitchen at this prestigious location, the Shangri-La at The Shard. The objective was to achieve a hygienic resin flooring so that the hotel could maintain cleanliness.

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Public Spaces

Long-Lasting Resin Flooring For Middlesbrough Football Club

With the capacity to hold 34,988 supporters, the Riverside Stadium is the home of the Middlesbrough Football Club.

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