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Resin Flooring For Retail

In a retail environment, your resin floor has to work hard. In fact, it is possibly one of the most demanding environments there is. For that reason, you need a resin system that can cater for a wide variety of demands, including:

  • Heavy footfall
  • The need to provide a clean, hygienic area
  • Slip Resistant properties
  • Abrasion, chemical and damage resistance
  • The requirement for it to look aesthetically pleasing
  • The list goes on…

Finding a resin flooring system that can accommodate all these requirements can be a challenge, but with Acrylicon, success is guaranteed.

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What is Acrylicon Resin Flooring?

Acrylicon Resin Flooring is unique in its chemical construction, providing the high compressive strength in excess of Polyurethane Resin Floors, combined with the fast cure of MMA type Resin Flooring.

Delivering Super-Fast Cure Time Without Compromising on Performance

Let’s face it; a retail store simply can’t afford to close for extended periods of time. The loss in business would be crippling.

If you choose a PU or Epoxy resin, you should factor ‘downtime’ into the overall cost of your floor. In most cases, you’d need to cordon off parts (if not all) of a space for up to, and over, a week.

That’s where Acrylicon is different. It cures within two hours of the final coat being applied. In other words, a retail store can get back to business within a day.

Short cure time doesn’t mean compromised outcomes, however. Acrylicon’s superior compressive strength means that, not only do you get an efficient solution, but you also get one that outperforms every resin floor on the market.

Acrylicon Works Around You

Any maintenance work during a busy trading day can be troublesome, even if you do choose a system with a rapidly quick cure time.

With Acrylicon, your resin floor can be installed outside of trading hours.

That’s right. We’ll work throughout the night to ensure your resin floor is ready for shoppers the very next day.

For added reassurance, we’ll provide ongoing support, even after the installation process, returning to your premises for an annual health checks.

Advantages of Acrylicon Resin Floors

With Acrylicon resin flooring, your retail environment will benefit from:

  • 2-hour cure time
  • Flexible installation plan
  • Chemical stability
  • Chemical resistance
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Superior compressive strength

Resulting in:

  • Better hygiene
  • Less downtime
  • Fewer repairs & replacements
  • A longer-lasting, stronger solution

Transform the way you think about flooring. Speak to an expert today.

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Kodėl AcryliCon?

AcryliCon dangos visame pasaulyje

UAB AcryliCon Baltic komandos pastoviai įrenginėja pramonines grindų dangas reikliausiems klientams visame pasaulyje (Norvegija, JAV, Pietų Afrika, Tailandas, Pietų Korėja, Singapūras, Didžioji Britanija, Karibų salos ir kt.)

Rinkos lyderių pasitikėjimas

AcryliCon profesionalų komandos yra sukaupę visą reikalingą patirtį ir techninę bazę kad galėtų teikti aukščiausio lygio paslaugas reikliausiems klientams – tai tik viena iš daugelio priežasčių, kodėl mumis pasitiki pirmaujantys prekių ženklai.

Stiprumas ir ilgaamžiškumas

AcryliCon laboratorijos daugybę metų kūrė ir tobulino unikalią medžiagų sudėti kuri gali užtikrinti liejamų pramoninių dangų stiprumą ir ilgaamžiškumą.

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